August 2016 - Audio Recording

The summer has, as usual, been too short, but exceptionally productive!

Disregarding the summer heat and forgetting the well deserved vacation, we spent our time and effort working and working on Bit6 SDKs! And here you go - we have now finished the audio recording, while video recording is in the works - both features are sought after by many developers. For now audio recording is ready to use on both JS and Cordova, and in a few days we will follow with the release of iOS and Android versions.

Cordova and JS - SDK 0.9.9

New in this release:

  • This one you know already - audio call recording is here :)
  • Support for camera rotation for video calls

Coming up next

Stay tuned for the iOS and Android SDK updates.

June 2016 - SDK 0.9.8

Summer heat calls for a break and vacation… but not for the Bit6 team! We just keep pedaling and working on improving the SDKs. So here are the latest changes.


Particularly useful features included in this release are:

  • Support for custom push handling and implementation
  • Switch camera support (for Android < 5.0)
  • A mechanism to keep the user logged in after app restart - who wants to be logged out every time an app restarts, right?


During a serious gardening spree, we cleaned up a few bugs and made some other cosmetic improvements.

Telerik Platform

For those who are enjoying the benefits of the Telerik PLatform, we released a neat tutorial on Messaging and WebRTC video.

May 2016 - SDK 0.9.7

UI Components

Functionality is important, but so is the look! We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to make the screens look beautiful. To help our fellow developers with this complicated task, we have released UI components for messaging and conversation screens for Android and iOS.

Are you still here? What are you waiting for? Go work on your app and make it gorgeous!

April 2016

Intel XDK support

As we are heading into the last month of spring with steady steps, we are delighted to announce that the Intel XDK integration has been completed! Enjoy a detailed Quick Start guide on building Bit6 apps on this resourceful IDE.

March 2016 - New Documentation

Documentation done right…

… or so we hope! We added a whole new docs setup, aiming to help you find the information easier. We are always open for suggestions!

Quick start guides

The goal is to help you get a working app sample in 10 minutes! That’s why we have added step-by-step guides for Android, iOS, Cordova, and JS