September 2017

WebRTC = Need for TURN

TURN is a faithful companion to any WebRTC-based solution. Around 15% of all voice and video traffic is routed through TURN servers. In such cases, close geographic proximity to a TURN server and low latency connectivity become increasingly important.

Building and maintaining a scalable, reliable TURN solution is not for the faint of heart, that’s why Bit6 is happy to share the skillfully built STUN and TURN service with those who need it, so that they can save their effort to other productive activities. You can find the detailed description and pricing, and sign up here.

August 2017

Good News for React Native Developers

React Native is a blessing for those building mobile apps! That said, Bit6 is a treasure for those who need communications componenents. Better yet - you can use React Native and Bit6 together!

We have now published three demos of using various Bit6 capabilities with React Native here. Ready to try out the demo? Start with SimpleVideoCall, which works on both iOS and Android and allows making person to person audio and video calls.

Happy coding!

June 2017

Scalable Multi-User Video Capabilities

Joining the family of Bit6 microservices, the new generation of video APIs exposes WebRTC video and audio streaming capabilities. In addition to supporting one-on-one and multi-user video, the same APIs are used for audio-only scenarios.

Multi-party video is required for many usecases in education, telemedicine, and more. Bit6 handles all the magic behind video and audio streaming, making the most comlex usecases just a breeze to implement.

April 2017

Bit6 Moves to Microservices

Microservices are known to be scalable, efficient, more stable, agile, and secure. Adopting the microservices approach, Bit6 now offers independent APIs for signaling, chatting, and video calling. In addition to improved scalability, the new architecture allows for richer functionality for each service.

Signal Service

Signal Service provides core signaling capabilities, meant for sending various real-time notifications like call invites, WebRTC negotiation exchanges, typing notifications etc.

Chat Service

Chat Service allows for sending individual and group texts and rich media messages. The messages are persistent and synchronized with the client endpoints.

Video Service

Video Service provides one-to-one and multi-user WebRTC audio / video communication capabilities.

Push Service

Push Service provides integration with native mobile push notifications, and is a must when Bit6 is used in applications based on Cordova, PhoneGap, or React Native.

February 2017

ITEXPO panel

This month our CTO, Alexey Goloshubin, participated in a panel at ITEXPO conference in Florida. The heated discussion took place around the topic of Expanding WebRTC Capabilities Beyond the Typical Use Cases.

Beyond the obvious cases of WebRTC being utilized in Telemedicin and Education, Alexey brought up some unexpected aspects within such areas as robotics, customer care, and more.

Read more about ITEXPO talks here.