May 2016 - SDK 0.9.7

UI Components

Functionality is important, but so is the look! We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to make the screens look beautiful. To help our fellow developers with this complicated task, we have released UI components for messaging and conversation screens for Android and iOS.

Are you still here? What are you waiting for? Go work on your app and make it gorgeous!

April 2016

Intel XDK support

As we are heading into the last month of spring with steady steps, we are delighted to announce that the Intel XDK integration has been completed! Enjoy a detailed Quick Start guide on building Bit6 apps on this resourceful IDE.

March 2016 - New Documentation

Documentation done right…

… or so we hope! We added a whole new docs setup, aiming to help you find the information easier. We are always open for suggestions!

Quick start guides

The goal is to help you get a working app sample in 10 minutes! That’s why we have added step-by-step guides for Android, iOS, Cordova, and JS

February 2016 - SDK 0.9.6

Many positive changes in Bit6 in February, one of them is the new version of SDKs.

Group APIs

The groups were long in the works, but now it is finally time to release the significantly improved group APIs, such as messaging, calling, and user management.

Native WebRTC libraries upgrade

For all SDKs, including Cordova, we upgraded the WebRTC libraries. Life is so much better with the new WebRTC libs!

User authentication delegation

One of the major changes is the ability to delegate the user authentication to your own app servers or other MBaaS platform.

February 2016

NEW!! STUN and TURN capabilities

This is something every WebRTC developer needs - reliable, geo-distributed, price-friendly STUN and TURN service. STUN is used for negotiating a peer-to-peer connection and TURN kicks in when the peer-to-peer connection is not possible, for example in cases where one or both of the parties is behind a firewall.

Check out the pricing and the availability here or go ahead and deep dive into the docs.

February release

A few new things are being worked on - check back soon, the February release is coming up.